Introducing: Gyrithe Lemche


Gyrithe is a Danish interior photographer with a focus on still life, food and living. Armed with a passion for photography, her work contains both the necessary boldness, but also the thoroughness, craft and attention to color and detail desired in photography.

Gyrithe is involved in the whole process from styling to shooting –  doing the retouch herself, the result is always a subtle and finished piece of work. She values and knows about the importance of being a part of the whole process. “I am also a retoucher, working in the field for several years, therefore I control the quality of the production. The process of retouching  is where you also create the look and style of the image. I have experience from making catalogues for Heidi Lerkenfeldt, retouching Illums bolighus and Charlotte Lynggaard Jewelries. My clients are of course welcome to take part of the retouching process”.

Gyrithe’s work is marked by her particular sense of beauty, balance and a certain nordic-ness, as seen in her contributions to magazines such as Elle Decoration, Boligliv and Boligmagasinet, but also with commercial clients as BruunMunch and By Nord.

She collaborates with creatives worldwide, and welcomes all kinds of clients.


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